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50 metres from the Planned Greenline LRT

The Medivest Building approx. 50 metres from the Planned Greenline LRT Station on 16th and Centre Street (Time: 6m19s in video). With Federal funding just approved May 15th, 2018 – this is a fantastic investment opportunity.

Is Medivest right for you?

Drive. No one understands it like you do. In school, in practice, in life – you know the efforts, the risks, the potential. You’ve come a long way and you want to go further… Invest in yourself, control your future, build your wealth. Medivest can help.

Benefits to Owning

You already know that you are an excellent tenant.  With owning, you become the tenant and the landlord and start paying yourself.

Future-forward investment opportunities keep up with advances in healthcare. Owning your own medical condo gives you the flexibility to make the changes you need, when you need them.

Buying your medical once condo can be good for you. Owning a medical condo in a building designed exclusively for healthcare practitioners means fewer headaches for you and your patients. Already built with your unique needs in mind, any improvements simply add value to your investment.

Grow the financial side of your healthcare business. With all the business and tax challenges predicted in healthcare management, isn’t it comforting to know that there are opportunities for wealth development? You could sell your medical condo when you retire, or continue to own it and collect rent from younger physicians. With a bit of forward thinking you can realize some down-the-road income potential.