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Why Medivest?

In Calgary, more than 95% of medical office space is leased. Unless you are one of the few medical and health services practitioners who have chosen the benefits of investing in their own office space, your hands are tied when it comes to how your building is maintained and managed. You suffer the inconvenience of badly designed spaces just to be in a convenient location. You pay more to ensure secure parking for your patients and you lose money each time you make leasehold improvements to a building that you don’t own.

Once you make the leasehold improvements, and your lease term completes, your landlord raises your rent!

Most medical and healthcare practitioners are missing out on the benefits of owning their own office space: can you afford to be one of them?

There has never been a better time to purchase your own medical office condo. After 20 years of being a tenant, you will have nothing to show for all the money you have invested in your office space whereas, if you were to buy or mortgage the space, at the end of 20 years you would have equity, the benefit of the improvements you have made to the building, and the appreciation in land value. Despite market ups and downs, real estate is always worth something.

Your financial planner would recommend that you lease depreciating assets such as an automobile, and that you purchase appreciating assets like real estate.

Now is the time to get out of your leased office space! The chart below will explain why:

Medivest Professional Centre Inc. 2500 sq. ft. Purchase vs. Lease Scenario


Base Condo (2nd Floor) $1,062,500
Square Footage 2,500
Price per square footage $425
Parking Stalls 15
Parking Stall Cost @$40,000/stall $600,000
Total Condo and Parking Stall Cost $1,662,500
Improvement Cost per/sqft $50
Improvement Costs $125,000
Base Building Finishing Cost per/sqft $5
Base Finishing Total $12,500
Total Asset Cost $1,800,000
Down payment % 25%
Down Payment $ $450,000
Mortgage $1,350,000

Annual Servicing Costs

Rate 4.00%
Mortgage term – years 25
Monthly Payment $7,101
Condo Fees/sqft (Operating Cost) $14
Mortgage Payment $85, 215.27
Parking Recovery Patients/Staff ($200/stall/month) $36,000
Condo Fees @ $14/sqft (Operating Cost) $35,000
Total Annual Carry Cost $84,215.27
Total Monthly Cost $7,018
Total Cost/sqft $34

Typical Lease

Lease Expense per/sqft $28
Annualized Lease Expense $70,000
Operating Expense per/sqft $17
Annualized Total Operating Expense $42,500
Parking Stalls 15
Cost per Stall $200
Total Annualized Parking Expense $36,000
Total Annual Lease Expense $148,500
Total Monthly Lease Cost $12,375
Total Annual Lease Expense per/sqft $59

Annual Savings to Own vs Lease


Savings as a %


Property Appreciation Factor 3.25% note Calgary appreciate rate average is 4.1% since

Profit Centers $$$

Year 0

Year 1

Year 2

Property Value After Appreciation 1,800,000 1,858,500 1,918,901
Equity on Appreciation 58,500 118,901
Principal Reduction 32,242 65,786
Property Value After Appreciation 64,285 128,569
Total Profit Including all Profit Centres 155,027 313,257

ROI (with appreciation)



Owners enjoy 30% lower operating costs